We offer complete fluid solution in industries against modern technical obstacles to uplift your business in this modern era where energy is the most important factor for consideration.We are offering in industries the trade of all fluid handling equipment’s including -Pumps -Valves -Waste Heat Recovery Systems -Boiler -Chiller -Fire and Safety Equipment’s etc.

MECH Technologies is the supplier of all kinds of Control and Monitoring Equipment’s in the market. We offer all kinds of Flow Meters for water, steam and gas or any type of chemical to watch your production on daily basis and give you payback less than one year. In addition to these we can also provide (Acoustic Data Collectors, Steam Control Systems and complete range of control and monitoring equipment's).

MECH Technologies offers complete Technical Consultancy in the industries including design of new compressed air system,new master plans for boiler houses,complete optimization of existing compressed air system and chillers in this modern era where energy is the most important factor for consideration. MECH Technologies offers complete Maintenance services of Industrial Machines with their professional engineers and provide expert advice by their professional consultants.

MECH Technologies offers complete waste heat recovery systems to recover your heat from different processes and give you this heat back in the form of Hot Air,Hot Water by providing Waste Heat Recovery Systems from well known-brands with the help of Experienced Professional Consultants. MECH Technologies provide you expert advice against any type energy related product.

MECH Technologies is the supplier of complete compressed air solution in the market. We offer Screw Compressors up to 500 KW with air receivers, filters , driers. We also offer complete spare parts of compressors, driers and all types of kits , filters to provide urgent services against stoppage and minimize production stoppage loses. In addition to these we also offer turbo compressors from well-known brands. MECH Technologies also provide low pressure compressed air machines like screw blowers, belt driven blowers, vacuum pumps used in waste treatment plants and other industrial applications.


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